BLITZ WEEK - Jan 29-Feb 2, 2018
​2018 All Night Senior Party Tickets will be able to be purchased during BLITZ WEEK!!​  Look for the Senior Party table during lunch!

Ticket Order Form

​Blitz Week:  ​Jan 29 - Feb 2  ~   $60.00
​Tickets sold during lunch

​Feb 3 - Mar 31  ~   $75.00
​Apr 1 - May 25  ~ $85.00
​June 2 ~ $100.00 cash only​​ at the door
(no guarantee of t-shirt size)

​Purchase your ticket early!

Cost includes: food, beverages, games and entertainment.

​No senior is denied entrance due to lack of funds.  If you find it difficult to pay the full ticket price, partial and full assistance is available.   email: 2018RHS [email protected]

School ID is required for admission - no paper ticket issued.