Senior Poster Hall of Fame

Public Viewing and Walk-Thru

June 1, 2018

3pm - 5pm

All are welcome, except Seniors!

The senior poster HALL OF FAME is a long standing tradition of the senior class party. Each family makes a poster of their senior to be displayed in the Hall of Fame located in the front hallway of the school during the Senior Class Party . At the conclusion of the party, your student will bring home their poster to keep. The Hall of Fame will be open Public Viewing and Walk-Thru for everyone except seniors on June 1, 2018 from 3pm - 5pm.

The poster layout should be standard size poster board (23"x29" (22"x28" is ok too)) and oriented vertically. The poster should include the student's first name as part of the decoration on the front. Please include the senior's full name and phone number on the back of the poster. Students can either make a scrapbook style poster using pictures and other decorations OR they can use a copy shop such as Cornerstone Copy Center or Mail N Parcel who both have templates to help design the poster layout. Either way, all posters MUST BE LAMINATED; lamination can be done by either of the above mentioned copy shops (check back for laminating instructions). See below for examples of both poster styles as well as the information for both copy shops noted above.

Start gathering your photos. You can use as many photos as you would like, there is not 'correct' amount!  Consider making copies of your photos since once they are laminated the photos cannot be removed.  Make the posters as individual as your senior - there is no right or wrong theme, arrangement or photo selection.  Include your senior in the photo selection.  Include achievements, hobbies, sports, talents, travels, activities, family, friends or other special interests. 

​​ ~Poster deadline is May 30th
​~Poster Drop offs (at Cornerstone Copy Center, Burnsville) DUE ON OR BEFORE MAY 30TH at 4:30pm
​~Poster Drop offs (at classmates homes)  May 21st, 22nd and 29th  between 5-7pm​       
                Grunklee Residence Grunklee Residence (Bloomfield)
                 14240 Azalea Path, Rosemount

                 Simms Residence (Southern Lakes IGH)
                 10664 Alton Court, IGH

                 Hansen Residence (Evermoor)
                 13102 Danube Court, Rosemount

                Wyatt Residence (by Parkview Elementary)
                16627 Galaxie Way, Rosemount

Cornerstone Copy Center - RHS Senior Poster info.pdf

Mail and Parcel - Mail and Parcel Poster.pdf

Digital Poster

Handmade Poster