Committees and Contacts 

 Committee Co-Chair
Trisha Nelson-Chetek
[email protected] 

 Committee Co-Chair
Joann Murphy

[email protected] 
Nicole Back
[email protected] 
​Darrin Larson [email protected] 
​Christine Orthmann                                                                                                                [email protected]
  • Set up the casino and determine the types of games
  • Supply and provide training for the dealers
  • Decorate the Casino space

Kim Loesch                                                                                                                         [email protected] 
Krista Kay                                                                                                       [email protected] 
Tricia Kanta                                                                                                                    [email protected] 

  • Design and create decorations to go along with party theme
  • Coordinate volunteers to transform portions of the school the night before the party

​​​ Entertainment/Games
Amanda Wylie Svendan                                                                                                [email protected] 
Katrina Baird                                                                                                          [email protected] 

  • Arrange for entertainment and party vendors
  • Coordinate volunteers

Candice Contos                                                                           651-894-2083        [email protected]
  • Determine party food and beverages
  • Coordinate volunteers and food for party and setup
  • Solicit donations
  • Maintain good food cleanliness practices

Mary Jane Schneider                                                                                                   [email protected]
  • Coordinate fundraisers
  • Solicit prizes and donations
  • Purchase prizes
  • Work the prize area the night of the party
  • Track student Volunteer Bonus Tickets

Mementos & Posters
Tanya Beckwith                                                            651-605-1428         [email protected]
  • Coordinate the Senior Posters (educate on how to create)
  • Organize Senior Posters
  • Set up the ‘Wall of Fame’ for Senior Posters
  • Collecting/returning Seniors Posters
  • Setup the Senior Class photo and the Graduation DVDs
  • Coordinate commemorative gift for Seniors

Katie Westman                                                                                                    [email protected]
  • Help maintain a safe environment and provide basic first aid for injuries
  • Work with Security to create a plan for handling emergencies
  • Determine if further medical attention may be needed
  • Follow up with Center Based students to ensure their needs are met

Chris Hollenbeck                                                      651-353-5831                [email protected]
  • Creates/maintains website and all social media (twitter, etc.)
  • Keeps parents up-to-date via social media
  • Attend all committee meetings
  • Communicator for the party

Brent Anderson                                                                                                [email protected] 
Brett Boyum                                                                                                       [email protected] 

  • Maintain a safe environment and insure everyone is accounted for at all times
  • Work with nurses, Dr. Conboy and Rosemount police to create a plan for handling emergencies
  • Provider party chaperones
  • Coordinate check-in for the students and volunteers
  • Communicate directly with parents any missing students or student issues
  • Coordinate Junior Parents to work as security during public walk-through and graduation ceremony

Service Project
Debbie Zimmerman                                                                                                        [email protected]
  • Organize the class service project
  • Coordinate with group we are serving
  • Communicate project to the students (works with Publicity)

Set-Up/Clean Up
​Committee Chair Needed
  • Work with all committees to determine equipment needs for the party
  • Collect and distribute equipment, work with custodial team at RHS, ensure school is left in better shape than how we found it!
  • Direct volunteers during setup and work with education Junior parents on how to do clean up

Robbin Tschida                                                     651- 270-8562                     [email protected] 
Greg Wyatt                                                                                                                   [email protected] 

  • Ticket sales for the party – design, working the sales table, tracking sales
  • Works with Publicity to advertise Blitz Week and subsequent sales dates
  • Coordinate Blitz Week Parents Skit
  • Coordinate the Student check-in process (with Security)
  • Order t-shirts and coordinate distribution to students
  • Work with counselors to identify students that qualify for scholarship tickets

 We are looking for volunteers.  If you are able to volunteer,  please contact the Committee Chair person(s).
 We are looking for volunteers.  If you are able to volunteer,  please contact the Committee Chair person(s).