Fundraising Opportunities
Cub Bagging​​
Saturday, March 31st
​10am - 6pm  (2 hr shifts)

​Sign up to volunteer: parents and students

The fundraising organization has many opportunities for involvement. 

Activities for the committee include writing letters to the local businesses of Rosemount, MN., Marketing the current fundraisers, Cub Foods bagging groceries for tips, Barnes and Noble Book Fair,  yummy ButterBraids campaign and many more opportunities to help out. 

The fundraising committee is responsible for the purchase of all of the prizes to be given out the night of the party, and ensuring the security of the prizes until the party is over.
A goal of $25,000 dollars has been set for the fundraising committee, which looks like a herculean challenge at this time. However, with some creativity, dedication and a good attitude about success, this challenge can be overcome, even surpassed!
If you are interested in seeing the senior class party gift table that is overflowing with loads of unforgettable prizes, something for everyone and the chance to see the faces of those receiving them.

Join the fundraising team!
Cub Foods Bagging      Sign up
Shamrock Social​​
 April 7, 2018 - Fireside
           21+ ( adults only)

​Hors d’oeurves, drinks , dance and Silent Auction.

We are looking for donations! If you have a product, theme basket or service you'd be willing to donate please contact Sarah Zeigler at 
zigmik@comcast.net or by phone @ 612-242-3587

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Rudy's Redeye Grill​​
 April 9, 2018 - Rudy's Redeye
 Thank you for your donations and support!
​Thank you for your purchases!  
​Thank you to our volunteers!
 Volunteering will give you an opportunity to earn extra raffle tickets.